Black Canyon is a private, closely-held firm that engages in sourcing business opportunities and funding early to mid-stage investments that allow us to contribute not only our capital, but our expertise.


Our founders are successful entrepreneurs who prefer passive post closing roles, but will actively engage their expertise as needed. Our success is best realized through adding critical support to our management teams at the appropriate times during our partner companies life cycles.


Our founders' histories include direct experience in both investing and managing within the following industries:

                                 Acquisition Consulting - Agricultural Processing - Alternative Energy

                        Banking & Finance - CRE Construction & Development - Composites Manufacturing

                          Distressed Debt - Hospitality - Industrial Heavy Contracting - Land Development

                                                 Oil & Gas - Production Ag - Retail Management  


                                                     Telecommunications - Water Treatment

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Black Canyon is: Planning-Discipline-Realization-Success